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Brain teaser: test your genius IQ by solving this matchstick challenge in 15 seconds with just 1 move!

Are you up for a matchstick challenge? Test your genius IQ and see if you can solve this tricky puzzle in 15 seconds with just one move! Can you be the one to prove your matchstick mastery?

Brain teasers have long been associated with intelligence testing. And while IQ tests have changed and evolved over time, puzzles and brain teasers remain a popular way to test one’s mental acuity.

In recent years, these challenges have become even more popular on social networks, as users compete to solve puzzles in the shortest amount of time.

Today’s challenge is a particularly difficult brain teaser that requires quick thinking and sharp math skills. The starting equation is 0+1+2=7 – but this equation is wrong. Your challenge is to solve this error in less than 15 seconds.

Solving the challenge equation of the day

Are you ready to take on the puzzle? To complete the brain teaser, you’ll need to pay close attention and concentrate. Think outside the square and use your imagination to solve the challenge equation of the day.

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The only catch is that you can only move one matchstick! We invite you to take on this mental challenge and test your problem-solving skills.

Solving a puzzle can be an enjoyable challenge, using your mind and creativity to complete the task. It’s important to look closely and concentrate to complete the challenge – every detail matters!

Have you managed to find which matchstick to move in less than 15 seconds? If so, why not turn the page and check if you are correct!

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