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Are there different branches or types of astrology and, if so, what are they?

Discover how the stars and planets can guide and inspire you in our exciting exploration of astrology.

Dive into the intriguing universe of astrology with us!

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the stars and planets, seeking guidance and insight from their movements.

Astrology is not just a single monolithic entity, but a collection of diverse branches, each offering its unique perspective on our lives, personalities, and destinies.

From the well-known Western Astrology to the spiritually-oriented Vedic Astrology, the lunar-based Chinese Astrology, and more, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored.

Uncover the deeper realms of this ancient discipline as we journey together through its various branches.

Let the wisdom of the cosmos illuminate your path!

The Western astrology

Perhaps the most well-known branch is Western Astrology.

Based on the tropical zodiac, it’s primarily concerned with the interpretation of an individual’s birth chart.

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Western Astrology revolves around twelve zodiac signs, each representing a 30-degree segment of the 360-degree band of the sky.

The Vedic or Indian astrology

Vedic or Indian Astrology, also known as Jyotish, is another significant branch.

This branch is based on the sidereal zodiac, which considers the fixed positions of constellations.

Vedic Astrology provides a more spiritual insight into an individual’s life, focusing on karma and life cycles.

The Chinese astrology

Moving eastward, we encounter Chinese Astrology.

Unlike its Western and Vedic counterparts, Chinese Astrology operates on a lunar calendar and a 12-year cycle.

Each year in the cycle is associated with a specific animal sign, and these signs influence personality traits and destiny.

The Hellenistic astrology

Another important branch is Hellenistic Astrology, which is the root of both Western and Vedic Astrology.

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Originating in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East around 2000 years ago, it introduced many of the foundational concepts used in astrology today.

The Electional astrology

Electional Astrology is a branch that helps individuals choose the most auspicious times to begin new ventures or make significant decisions.

It is commonly used in business, marriage, and other important life events.

The Medical astrology

Finally, Medical Astrology is a branch that links various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs with the nature of the sun, moon, planets, and the twelve astrological signs.

This branch is used to identify potential health weaknesses and strengths of an individual.

This is just a glimpse into the fascinating world of astrology’s various branches.

Each has its own unique perspective and approach, offering a wealth of insight and understanding.

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