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7 work habits that are secretly giving you anxiety – and how to fix them!

Uncover the hidden triggers of work-related anxiety and discover practical solutions to restore your peace of mind. This article is your ultimate guide to a stress-free work experience. Don’t let your work habits steal your joy – learn to fix them today!

When you step into your workplace, does your heart start to race?

Do you feel a knot in your stomach, or a sense of dread that doesn’t seem to dissipate until you clock out?

These feelings of anxiety can be triggered by various factors, from tight deadlines to conflicts with colleagues.

But often, it’s our own habits at work that contribute to this unease.

Without realizing it, we engage in behaviors that amplify our stress levels and make our workday feel like an uphill battle.

Skipping breaks

One common anxiogenic habit at work is skipping breaks.

You might think that powering through your workday without taking a break makes you more productive, but it can actually increase your anxiety levels.

Breaks are crucial for mental and physical wellbeing.

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They allow you to rest, recharge, and come back to your tasks with a fresh perspective.

If you’re regularly skipping breaks, you’re denying yourself this important opportunity to decompress.


Another habit that can breed anxiety at work is perfectionism.

While aiming for excellence is commendable, insisting on perfection can be damaging.

The constant pressure to produce flawless results can lead to burnout and chronic stress.

Learning to embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth can help alleviate this anxiety-inducing habit.


Despite its allure of increased efficiency, multitasking can significantly contribute to workplace anxiety.

Juggling multiple tasks at once can lead to mistakes and decreased productivity, which in turn can increase stress levels.

Try focusing on one task at a time and see how it impacts your anxiety and productivity.

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Neglecting physical health

Neglecting your physical health is another anxiogenic habit.

This can include poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and insufficient sleep.

These factors can heighten feelings of anxiety and make it more difficult to cope with stress.

Remember that maintaining your physical health is a crucial part of managing anxiety at work.


Overworking is a prevalent habit in many workplaces. However, consistently working long hours can lead to burnout and elevated levels of anxiety.

It’s important to establish a healthy work-life balance and to set boundaries to protect your mental health.

Ignoring emotions

Ignoring or suppressing your emotions at work can also lead to increased anxiety.

It’s crucial to acknowledge and express your feelings in a healthy way, whether it’s through talking to a trusted colleague or seeking professional help.

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Bottling up emotions can lead to emotional exhaustion and heightened anxiety.

Unorganized workspace

Finally, an unorganized workspace can contribute to anxiety. A cluttered desk can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress.

Taking a few minutes each day to organize your workspace can have a significant impact on your anxiety levels.

In conclusion, recognizing and addressing these anxiogenic habits at work can help you manage your anxiety and make your workday feel more manageable.

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