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A. Ads: contains various Ads throughout the page. Every user must agree and understand that there are Ad bots on the site that collect various information for content on the site to provide and filter the right Ads to display.

B. Site content: Most of the content on this site is contributed by other users as well as staff members. This content includes: reviews, previews, videos, news, and more. This content does not reflect the overall opinion of the website and/ or the organization. We are not responsible if any of this content violates any legal, racial, or religious conditions. All content from the PixelSmashers website is not to be reproduced without proper consent or acknowledgement of or the associated organization. The term Acknowledgement includes posting an associated link to if any content is duplicated on another site and/ or form of media. Any violation of this consent or acknowledgement can be viewed as plagorism and the appropriate action may be taken if necessary.

C. Users: This site is not responsible for any suggestive content, which may include profanity, racism, etc. We try our best to monitor any posts regarding said themes, but as the site grows we cannot promise to completely filter out all of said content. You, the user, uses/ views the site at your own risk and acknowledge these terms.

Forum Rules:

These rules are being posted here for everyone to view. If you do not read them that is your own fault. Ignorance will not be an excuse for not following the rules. The same goes for the Terms of Service. Failing to follow these rules and the terms laid out in the ToS will result in warnings or removal of your permission to post on these boards.


1- No Flaming: This post counts as your first and only warning. Flaming other members will result in your being banned from the form for a short time. Excessive flaming will result in a permanent ban. Racism counts as flaming, but it carries a more sever penalty. Pixel Smashers will not tolerate racism of any kind of our forum. You will lose your account if you engage in it, no exceptions.

2- Do not spam in the main forum: The whatever thread in the Off Topic section is for spam and you are free to spam to your heart’s content there. Rick Rolls and the like are counted as spam and linking to one in the main forum will result in a ban.

3- Do not revive old threads: Threads that are over a month old are considered dead. Please do not post in them. Make a new thread on the subject instead. This does not apply to stickied or official threads.

4- Do not make duplicate threads: While this may seem to be in contrast to the previous post, this rule only applies to active topics. We do not want to see fifty topics about the same thing. One topic per subject is enough.

5- Official topics/stickies: Official Topics and Stickies are posted as a means to keep most points of a discussion in one area, but that does not mean you are not allowed to make topics talking about the items in those. If some new piece of information on game comes out you are free to make one topic on it on the main forum. Any duplicate topics fall under the above rule. Just keep in mind that we don’t want you to make topics about every little piece of information. Interviews, previews, and reviews are good subjects for their own topics.

6- Do not advertise: We’re sure your excited about your new job as a shill for a company and that you want to get your little link and referrals, please do not post them on our forum. If you work PR for a company and you want to advertise with us, please PM myself or Factor-X so we know who you are and who you work for. Details for how you advertise will be worked out from there. Unauthorized advertisers will be IP banned, their IPs and usernames will be reported to the companies they are advertising for. Talking about a new site or service you found out about does not count as advertising, but no referral links period.

7- No one word replies: Please do not post one word replies. We don’t have a character limit set-up, but one word replies make it near impossible for a good conversation to continue off of your post. You won’t be banned or warned for doing this, just consider it as a friendly suggestion.

8- No link only threads: When making a new thread please do not post only a link in it. Provide something beyond the link. Maybe your own opinion or some kind of information on what the link contains.

9- No versus threads: Please keep these in the off topic section only. You are free to make them there, but if they are posted in the main forum they will be closed.

10- Do not post any Not Safe For Work Content: Please avoid nudity. Pixel Smashers may be viewed younger individuals as well as adults. We do not wish to be a provider of pornographic material. Links to NSFW sites must be contained within spoiler tags and have a warning before the tag indicating that the link includes NSFW material. Do not, under any circumstances link to a porn site or a site that contains blatant pornography. You WILL be banned for doing so.

11- Swearing: Do not swear in your thread titles. Threads with swear words in the title will be deleted or edited at the moderators discretion. You are allowed to swear in your replies, but please keep in mind that Pixel Smashers is open to younger individuals. Do not swear at people either. Saying “f you” to someone counts as flaming.

12- No chain PMs: Do not send them, period. We do not want to send your PM to 20 of our friends to get something that will never happen.

13- Do not discuss illegal activities: Its one thing to talk about the effects of piracy on the market and another to talk about engaging in acts of it. Do not talk about stealing games, movies, music, bread crumbs, etc. Pixel Smashers does not endorse piracy and we do not wish to know if our members engage it in, so keep it to yourselves. This extends to any and all links to sites that promote or enable piracy as well as requesting Cdkeys.

14- Limited emulator chat is allowed: This extends to talking about emulators only.However, linking to any sort of emulator, bios or game files are not allowed.

15- Multiple Registrations: Pixel Smashers does not allow people to register multiple times under the same email address, if your account is permanently banned you will not be able to register a new account with the same email address you used before.

16- No usernames with offensive, racist, or degrading material.

17- No negative threads targeted at other users.

18- Treat all platforms with some respect. We realize everyone has a different opinion, but there is no need to rudely express that opinion.