Intel x79 motherboards at Computex

Intel’s enthusiast platform is set for Q3, but it looks like they couldn’t wait to show us some details. The x79 motherboard will feature the new 2011 socket and this early showing is most likely in response to AMD’s Bulldozer platform, which will be released in August.

Perhaps the most glaring change is the position of the RAM slots, which are positioned on each site of the CPU socket.

The design of the socket has changed dramatically from the current LGA-1155 and LGA-1156 sockets: to prevent damage to the chip, Intel is insisting on a dual-catch mechanism which ensure that the processor is clamped evenly at each side. This ‘balanced’ approach even extends to the memory – with two banks of two DIMMs located at either side of the socket, due to an Intel-mandated design requirement.

The new boards will feature quad channel memory. In addition, you should also note the new of PCI-E 3.0 slot, which will provide even more bandwidth for the GPU.