Age of Conan to Feature Free to Play Model

This summer definitely has a decent lineup of free to play games. So far we can look forward to Hell Gate London’s return, Ghost Recon Online, and now Age of Conan. However, there is a bit of a twist with Conan. The game will feature a hybrid method of playing the game. This basically boils down to giving players two options. The first option is to continue paying for the game on a monthly basis and the second option is to play the game for free. As you may have guessed the subscription based players will get extra content. Creative Director and Executive Producer Craig Morrison shares his thoughts on the matter.

Everyone on the team is excited about opening up our world to an even larger audience. The online world of Hyboria is constantly expanding as we continue to introduce new gameplay features and new content, and we truly believe that ‘Age of Conan: Unrated’ will offer something truly new and unique to both new players and to those have already experienced the brutal online world of Conan the Barbarian.

Unfortunately, they did not provide a specific date and time for the switch. All we know is that the new hybrid model is launching sometime this summer. You can also check out their official FAQ for additional information.