EA has the Next Xbox Console on Their Desks?

EA supposedly has the next console from Microsoft at their office. It is rumored that EA received the development kit last month. Additionally, it’s reported to be an early prototype build housed inside of a PC case.

Prototype dev kits typically are PCs inside a PC box: the first Xbox 360 developer tools were based on dual core G5 PowerPC Macs with an ATI X800 GPU while the initial PS3 dev kits were based around a PC with two GeForce 6800 Ultras running in SLI.

However, this information comes from an anonymous source in contact with develop-online.net. As you would expect, both EA and Microsoft have declined to comment. In addition, Eurogamer let’s us know that it is “highly unlikely” that we will see an E3 reveal. As a result, it looks like Nintendo will be the only one at E3 with a new console on display.

When can we expect the next Xbox console to show up? Develop-online’s source states that we should see the next Xbox pop up sometime near the end of 2012. This release date suggests MS will not only miss this E3 with their next console, but they will miss the next E3 as well.

Sources: develop-online.net, eurogamer.net