Ubisoft Creates Video Game Movie Studio

Ubisoft’s studio, which is surprisingly called Ubisoft Motion Pictures, will be all about video game based movies. I can hear the outcry of excitement right now! Yeah, who am I kidding… Video game movies generally suck, but they definitely are money makers in some cases. Ubisoft is no stranger to disappointing fans in the movie department. The well known Far Cry franchise was tossed right into the hands of Uve Boll. Let’s just say that one didn’t turn out so well.

However, director Mike Newell, managed to make a decent adaption out of Prince of Persia (POP). It wasn’t necessarily great, but it was a Far Cry from their past movie adaptations. The main selling point is how much money the POP movie managed to rake in. Prince of Persia reportedly managed to gross about $335 million worldwide. After taking that number in you can imagine that Ubisoft is a fan of movie to video game adaptations. What can we expect to see in the future? Well, their Splinter Cell franchise is out in the open and the same goes for Assassin’s Creed. What do you think is next on their agenda?

Source: variety.com