New Tomb Raider Scans

The reboot of the series is looking more gritty and dangerous than ever. A far cry from the perfect bosomy body that we’re used to, the new Lara Croft makeover sports a much more emotional and human look. No longer do we have the larger-than-life detached beauty, now it’s a vulnerable, but determined young woman.

Some new scans posted by Gamenyusu, show a myriad of different situations; along with something that is becoming more prevalent: pain.

Lare will learn step by step and that will show in her emotions. It’s somewhat shocking to witness how the yesteryear’s unbreakable Lara is now just a girl which shows terror and doubt about what’s to come. [She] talks to herself [in order] to convince herself that she’ll be able to keep advancing. She gets afraid, looks around, [and] touches the walls…

You can check out the rest of the translated text at the source.

Source: Gamenyusu