Minecraft Earns $32 Million in Sales

A fact that, interestingly enough, is making Notch somewhat uncomfortable. The sales figures shown by Notch which was posted from Reddit is broken down into these numbers:

~ 800k Alpha Members @ €9.95
~ 1 Million Beta Members @ €14.95

Which totals up to around €23 million ($32 million) in revenue. Despite the huge wad of money now sitting in their coffers, Notch has remained somewhat restrained describing the success of his game:

I’ve always had a tendency to feel like I’m just not quite keeping up with demands, even before starting work on Minecraft. It’s not gotten better by having a runaway hit like this. Last new years eve, I made a promise to myself to stop stressing, and I’ve managed to stick to that pretty well.

While $32 million still pales in comparison to some CEO’s compensation packages, it’s still one heck of a figure for a small indie company.

In the mean time, we can look forward to the upcoming 1.5 update, which will add weather effects.