XFX Bails on the GTX 4 Series

XFX choose to stray from the nvidia 4 series line up. However, they stated that they will return to nvidia with lower end budget cards from the 4 series.

This was particularly odd simply because we had seen and posted images of XFX cards a few weeks ago. And according to our sources, those pictures were legit and the decision to avoid the GTX 400 series for the time being was made only within the last few days. We followed up at the time and didn’t receive a response until today. The news isn’t good for those of you who wanted to buy a GTX 400-series card with XFX’s signature Double Lifetime Warranty.

In our conversations with them regarding this subject, it has become clear that XFX will not be releasing any GTX 480 or GTX 470 cards. This is not limited to the North American market either and will affect every market worldwide since the decision was taken on a corporate level. The exact reasoning behind this is not clear but in the shady world of GPUs, very few things can be said with any certainty and for all intents and purposes we will probably never know. One way or another, this is a blow for NVIDIA and their fans.

There is however a glimmer of hope as XFX has stated quite clearly that they intend to continue support NVIDIA’s more budget-oriented cards. That means there is a good possibility that once cut down versions of the GF100 architecture are released, we will likely see cards brandishing the XFX logo.

Source: hardwarecanucks.com