April Fools Day Roundup

Have you been fooled today? Why not share the source of the joke with all of us. April Fools day is full of elaborate fake stories and jokes and we need help finding them! Come on let’s share the wealth in this list of trickery.

Pixel Smashers
Google: Gmail Motion
Google: Being a Google Autocompleter
Youtube: Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911
Razer: Talon Bio-exoskeleton
Nvidia: 3dfx Voodoo 590
WOW: Tomb of Immortal Darkness
StarCraft: Motion OverDrive
Diablo 3: The Dungeon Helper
Diablo 3: Horadric Cube App
Gild Wars 2: Commando Class
2k Games: What would Duke do Part 1
2k Games: What would Duke do Part 2
CD Projekt RED: THE BARD: Saviors of Queens
AdBlock Freedom augmented reality eyewear
Project Reality Purchased by EA
Newegg’s Eggs

This list isn’t complete! If you have been fooled don’t forget to share that April Fools with us!