AMD Takes a Shot at Nvidia’s GTX590 Claims

Nvidia has stated quite a few things in regards to their new GTX 590, and AMD isn’t happy. It all boils down to Nvidia’s main claim that the GTX590 is the “World’s Fastest Graphics Card.” AMD is upset that Nvidia isn’t using industry standards such as the 3DMark 11 DX11 benchmark.

Yesterday our competitor also issued a press release, announcing the launch of what they claim to be the “World’s Fastest Graphics Card”– the Nvidia GTX 590. We combed through their announcement to understand how it was that such a claim could be made and why there was no substantiation based on industry-standard benchmarks, similar to what AMD did with industry benchmark 3DMark 11, the latest DirectX® 11 benchmark from FutureMark.

AMD’s fury didn’t end there. They went on to challenge Nvidia to prove their claim:

So now I issue a challenge to our competitor: prove it, don’t just say it. Show us the substantiation. Because as it stands today, leading reviewers agree with us here, here, here, and here that the AMD Radeon HD 6990 sits on the top as the world’s fastest graphics card.