Nvidia GTX 590 Revealed Plus Review Roundup

Nvidia’s top secret box reveals a massive GPU, which means AMD’s HD 6990 has some competition. Unfortunately, this launch wasn’t accompanied with any Crysis 2 Dx11 announcement. However, this GPU is quite a beast. It sports two GF110 cores (GTX 580 cores) all on one PCB.

Yep, 365w of power usage and 2 PCI-e 8pin connectors. Each card will have a core clock of 608MHz, which is 164MHz below the default clock of 772MHz on a GTX 580. Additionally load temps reach around 85C and it is only slightly louder than the GTX 580 do to their dual vapor chamber technology. Furthermore, the card features 3 DVI ports which allows it to support 3D across 3 different monitors.

Review Round Up

Specs chart from Guru3d:


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The card manages to use less power than two GTX 580s, but it is underclocked a considerable amount. The card manages to perform around the same as AMD’s HD 6990 and it is priced at a competitive $699 USD. However, because of the underclock, HardOCP notes that you are really getting the performance of two GTX 570s in SLI not two GTX 580s in SLI while using slightly more power. The card also isn’t that loud or hot. Overall, if you have SLI support you can get two GTX 570s for the same price. If your motherboard does not support SLI or you are looking for a more compact solution then this is the dual GPU solution for you.