Crysis 2 PC Graphics Settings Changed (Update)

A gamer by the name of Willertz reportedly managed to get a hold of the full game early. As a result, quite a few details have been revealed. Again, this is a rumor since we aren’t sure if this individual is in fact providing 100% valid information. However, he has shown a few pictures of the DVD case and the DVD itself, so at this point in time this information seems legit.

The picture above shows an extreme setting selected. Willertz states that a patch was released that changed the graphics settings. Gamer has been changed to good, advanced has been changed to very good, and hardcore has been changed to extreme. As it stands there aren’t any advanced graphics settings preset. However, he managed to find a system.cfg file to add specific commands in order to adjust the game’s graphics settings.

There are rumors that DX10 is present in the game, but DX11 is still MIA. Crytek and Nvidia have both stated that Crysis 2 will support DX11, but it looks like this API will be added in a patch. Furthermore, Willertz was unable to find an editor packaged with the game. This means that the Sandbox 3 editor will either be patched in later or it will be coming in the form of a UDK competitor this summer.

Crysis 2 will be released on March 22nd in the United States. The release is only a few days away and these claims will be ironed out soon enough.


The retail copy’s graphics settings have changed and they replaced gamer, advanced, and hardcore. The new settings are high, very high, and extreme.