AMD’s Bulldozer to Roll in Sometime in June

AMD’s new CPU lineup code named Bulldozer is speculated to arrive in the second half of June. A lot of PC enthusiasts were expecting it to show up at Cebit due to some official announcement on their website. However, the new line was a no show at the event.

The new line will bring back the retired FX series branding, which has excited AMD enthusiasts. In addition, there will be quite a few versions based on the architecture.

The lineup will consist of AMD FX8000 series octo-core processors, AMD FX6000 series hexa-core processors, and AMD FX4000 series quad-core processors. The chip will feature high-speed DDR3 integrated memory controllers, but will lack integrated graphics. AMD will release as many as eight processor models. To support the processors, AMD’s partners in the motherboard industry will release socket AM3+ motherboards based on AMD 9-series chipsets, around the same time.

Hopefully, this date holds up and we get some more information about the new processors soon.