HD 6990 Review Round Up

A host of AMD Radeon HD 6990 reviews have hit the web. Let’s see how the card holds up. This is ATI’s latest Dual GPU solution, which is comprised of two AMD Radeon 6970s.


Fab Process: 40nm
Die Size: 389 mm2 x2
Transistors: 5.28 Billion
Core Clock / MHz: 830
Memory Clock / MHz: 5000
Memory Bandwith: 320 GB/s
Memory Size: 4096MB GDDR5 (2x 2048 MB)
Stream processors: 3072 (2x 1536)
Compute performance: 5.10 TFLOPS
ROPs: 64
TDP Gaming: 350 W
Idle power: 37 W

The core clocks and memory clocks are lower than a default HD 6970, which means two separate hd 6970s will perform better on the default settings. However, the card has two different bios available and the other bios has a higher clock speed, which brings each GPU up to speed with clocks of a default 6970. However, the power usage goes from 375w to 450w when enabling the other bios. Now that we know a bit about the new dual GPU solution from AMD let’s check out some reviews.




The card will cost around $700 USD and as you would expect is performs better than every single GPU solution out there. However, it is key too look at how it compares to using products in SLI and crossfire considering the price for the product. In hardocp.com’s apple to apple comparison the 6990 manages to compare to a GTX 580 in SLI. This is great news considering the price compared to buy two GTX 580s. However, when compared to two separate HD 6970s it performs around the same. Overall, this is an expensive card, but if you’re an enthusiast looking for a more compact crossfire solution the AMD Radeon HD 6990 is the video card for you.