Valve’s Gabe Newell Gives His Steam Password to Everyone

Gabe Newell’s confidence in the new Steam Guard system lead him to reveal his password to the world. For those of you not following the whole Steam Guard bit, Steam Guard is basically DRM (Digital Rights Management) tied to the user’s machine. In coordination with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors you can also have it tied directly to the hardware level.

In addition to email-based authentication, Steam Guard will soon offer other forms of secondary authentication, such as Intel® Identity Protection Technology, a hardware-based security feature available with the new 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ and Core™ vPro® processors. With IPT, secondary authentication is effortless, as it is provided by the chipset itself

Steam Guard ties your steam account to a specific computer which requires authentication from that computer in order to change the details. The reason for implementing such a system is to secure one’s steam account and protect it from phishing schemes and hackers. Now that you are familiar with Steam Guard let’s watch Gabe Reveal his password.

Want to try this out for yourself? Steam guard is in beta right now.

To opt into the latest Steam client beta and begin protecting your account with Steam Guard, launch the Steam client and visit Steam Settings’ Account tab, then changing your beta participation to “Steam Update.”