Mirror’s Edge 2 isn’t Canned After All

EA hasn’t given up on Mirror’s Edge 2 just yet. We previously reported that EA turned down a prototype version of the game and the developer was concerned about the game’s future. Fortunately, EA seems to believe Mirror’s Edge 2 will see the light of day eventually. However, they still hold tight to their previous decision to hold off on it until they receive a version that will outsell the first game.

Not at all. We’re just trying to figure out how to bring Mirror’s Edge back and in what way. That’s part of the creative development process. I know there are some stories about how EA killed Mirror’s Edge. Well, I’m the guy; I greenlight the games. I did not kill it – as God is my witness.

What we said internally is: ‘What do we need to do to make [a sequel] a hit?’ We need to go from version one to version two so that it sells two to three times as many, it finds a much bigger audience. The first game from a quality standpoint was good, but now it needs to be great.

We’re actively working on ideas in the Mirror’s Edge universe, we just haven’t locked yet on a way to bring it back and a way that fans will be excited, but at the same time we can get it to a bigger audience.

It looks like Mirror’s Edge fans will have to wait until EA finds the right formula for the game.

Source: CVG.com