Taking Apart a GTX480

The Australian site AtomicMPC took apart a GTX 480 and posted pictures of it.

So the neat looking heat shroud turns out to be a giant heatsink with 5 heat pipes under it. The fan is a 21.9 watt monster from Delta (who do not make quiet fans). The core is bloody ginormous. This thing is going to run hot no doubt about it.


Most of the information has been removed due to an NDA violation.

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Nvidia has contacted us and told us “We’d really appreciate it if you took down your article”. What followed was a frank discussion that I think hit the salient points of which are worth sharing.

The truth of the matter is simple: we broke an NDA (dated for the 27th of March), and Nvidia has every right to be upset with us. We get that, but here’s our counter-reasoning, which we shared in no uncertain terms.

Atomic, in its online incarnation, is a news site. Our job is to be timely and informative, so when we see many other sites who are either breaking NDA themselves to publish information, or who never signed an NDA in the first place yet nonetheless seem to have access to product and information that rivals our own, we get a little annoyed. Here’s a few examples, which we asked Nvidia about on Monday, but got no response. Hell, full benchmarks are even showing up!

Source: AtomicMPC