PCGA’s Analysis of 2010 Shows a Significant Growth in PC Gaming Revenue

Skeptics about the state of PC gaming can now be slapped in the face …again. With all the talk of piracy, many ill-informed individuals considered the PC to be a dying platform. Apparently these individuals over look the shear size of the PC user base. Steam alone has garnered 1 billion in revenue for Valve, millions purchased Starcraft 2, WoW still has a massive player count, and multi-platform games still continue to sell well.

Another contributing factor to the skeptics flame, was the NPD figures. These figures did not include digital distribution services like Steam, which is now a huge portion of PC gaming sales.

The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) released today its third annual Horizons research report, created for the PCGA by market firm DFC Intelligence. The report covers data from the year 2010, with significant predictions stretching out to 2014. The key to the entire report is the fact that the global PC gaming market showed strong growth throughout 2010, reaching $16.2 billion. No market regions showed a decline in overall PC game revenue with overall growth standing at 20 percent of 2009’s numbers.