EA to Give More Attention to Facebook

Those Facebook games are quite the money makers. As a result, EA is planning to spend more time making games for Facebook. We can already expect a Dragon Age game called Dragon Age: Legends to appear later down the road, but they could have more titles in their pockets soon enough. Let’s hear from EA COO John Schappert regarding the future of EA and Facebook.

Last year we saw a drop off in games related to changes on the Facebook platform, but we are encouraged by the recent turnaround. We’re seeing an increase in game traffic on Facebook and believe the site has stabilized, with a current estimate of 290 million gamers playing an average of 3.5 hours per month.

Our leadership on mobile and smart phones taught us a great deal about how these new platforms evolve. We know that consumers are attracted to new experiences, but quickly aggregate behind high quality and the brands and franchises they recognize from other media.

In 2011, you’ll see more of EA’s big franchises come to Facebook as well new, original offerings.

While some game developers feel that their game is already like Facebook, it is important to point out that Farmville alone is worth more than EA. There certainly is a lot of sales that could be made on the website. How much of a push is EA going to make? We will have to wait and see as more titles are announced in the future.

Source: next-gen.biz