Playstation Phone Revealed

No, this isn’t the PSP 2 (NGP). We are looking at a new product brought to you by Sony Ericsson. The phone was originally dubbed the Playstation phone, which lead some individuals to think that it would be the highly anticipated PSP 2. However, as things panned out the actual PSP 2 was revealed with the code name NGP.

Xperia Play will be the phone’s official name. It is based on the android platform and more information will turn up upon the product’s full launch on February 13th. However, in typical Sony advertising fashion, they did leave us with some odd trailer during the Superbowl.

As you may have already guessed, the specs wont be as powerful as the PSP 2 (NGP). So, those of you expecting PS3-like graphics out of this device will be disappointed.