Rumor: GTX 590 in February

Nvidia may have something to compete with AMD’s HD6990 Dual GPU after all. Earlier we reported a rumor about the GTX 490, but that never came to fruition. Perhaps a previous generation dual card based on the 4 series had been denied because of the power consumption and they were developing a refresh, which we know as the 5 series today.

However, this card will still us a lot of power if these rumored specs are final. Basically we are looking at two full GTX 580s on one PCB with 3GB of ram and a total of 1024 stream processors. The chart below, which is taken from, shows a comparison between Nvidia’s past and current GPU solutions.

If you glanced at the power consumption portion you probably chuckled to yourself a bit as they bluntly state “A lot.” Now before you call total BS on this rumor, EVGA actually showed a prototype dual card solution at CES this year. However, that product was not given a name, so it is still up in the air. You can check out the original prototype image from CES below:

Nvidia has yet to compete with the HD 5970 via a single card solution. Of course you can SLI any 5 series GPU to compete, but not everyone has a motherboard that supports SLI and there are other uses for a single card solution. Will Nvidia actually release another dual card in the end? We will just have to wait and see.