AMD HD 6990 Dual GPU Pictured

AMD’s new dual core GPU hits the web and we get a taste of what’s going to hit the GPU market. Unfortunately, the source is not in English and we have to rely on some translation tools for the job. So, with that in mind check out the sort of legible piece of information below.

AMD APU processor platform today, published in the conference, AMD “accidentally” the latest, most (known) single-card dual-core graphics card-HD6990 out, “Dian” with me (show off) and, according to sources, this card Wang HD6990 is expected to be officially listed in the first quarter, but the cards have been exposed to under the current entity, I believe you should see it soon on the scene. (Card extra long XD)

We are sure AMD dual-core in a single card design capabilities on the graphics card from AMD before 5970 will prove the technical R & D capability, but having said that, although the Fermi NVIDIA rivals the early architecture by AMD pressing play, but improved after GTX 580,570 are still full of good market response, and now is active in the recently introduced C / P value of super-high 560 to grab the mainstream market, then if AMD do not make a timely response, and then in the mainstream graphics card market There will be a hard fight.

Basically, what I can gather is that AMD may have intentionally released some information about the new card during a presentation about APUs. Next, we get some information regarding a release date, which is set for sometime in this quarter. Furthermore, they suggest that this card will be pretty large.

In addition, they mention something about the tech compared to the previous AMD dual GPU, the hd5970. Finally, the article mentions AMDs market strategy and how they believe that AMD should release this card and move on to mainstream product as soon as possible to counter nvidia’s GTX560. If you want you can check out the original, non-translated, source below.