3DS Pricing: $250, €250, and £230 [Update]

Straight from the mouth of Reggie Fils-Aime himself. Hot off a press conference just held this morning, Nintendo has confirmed the price for the North American launch of the 3DS at $250, that’s $50 less than its Japanese counterpart and the same price of the Wii when it launched in 2006.

Among other tidbits is the new friend code system; yes the pesky input is still there, but this time you only have to use one code that will be used for all games.

The unit is planned to launch on March 27th with two colors: Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue.

Update: Pricing for the EU and UK have been finalized as well at €249.99 and £229.99 repectively. The launch date will be March 25th, two days earlier than North America.