Wireless Video Card Announced

Imagine a video card that doesn’t need to be plugged into your monitor. Well, now you can turn that imagination of yours into reality. A company by the name of KFA2 will use Amimon’s Wireless Home Digital Interface (WDHI) at 40MHz that can transmit a signal of up to 60hz uncompressed 1080p. Judging by the refresh rate it is questionable if 3d is possible using this technology, but they specifically mention that it is “NVIDIA 3D Vision™ Ready”. The card also has a 100ft range, so you can pretty much have a monitor or television anywhere you want in the room as long as it is by an outlet.

There is still a bit more to the process. The monitor or TV will need to have a receiver attached to it so it can process the incoming signal. Furthermore, it is DHCP supported, which means you can play content protected blu ray movies. The first product using this technology will be the nvidia GTX 460.

The KFA2 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 WHDI graphics card the world’s first wireless Graphics Card, with a combination of Graphics and AMIMONS’s WHDI technology this card enables the end-user to wirelessly connect their desktop/ tower PC’s to their HDTV or distant display with out the hassle of cables.

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Sources: theinquirer.net, kfa2.com