600 UK Jobs Face Threat of Destruction by Activision

This comes after the June axing of promised tax-breaks originally set by Parliament. The possible layoff comes at a time in which the British government is desperately trying to promote growth while at the same time reign in costs. The bipartisan legislation, originally championed by Alistair Darling, was promised wide support by both parties before being eliminated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the interest of “emergency budgeting”.

In response, Activision has threatened to move its offices elsewhere to places such as Singapore, China, Canada and various US states that still give tax breaks to attract game development. Activision’s Kotick sounds off on the issue:

“I think it was a terrible mistake; there are so many other places that are encouraging the video games industry.”

Though perhaps cruel to some, Activision still has its business priorities to think about, and given Kotick’s reputation, it’s no surprise. Though regardless of which side should get the blame for this issue, whether it’s corporate greed or government politics, the losers in this battle are still the 600 employees that may face another job hunt in an already scarce market.

The Telegraph