Nintendo 3DS: Ages 6+ Only

Sorry folks, no spending $300 for your snot-nosed brat. In a bit of news that may send paranoid shockwaves throughout the entire tech industry, Nintendo has just released warning labels regarding their upcoming handheld (translated):

Vision of children under the age of six has been said that the developmental stage, experts, as well as] [Nintendo 3DS, 3D, including 3D movies and television, delivers 3D images with different left and right eye images The view that has a potential impact on the growth of children’s eyes.

To avoid the impact of 3D visual images of children, Nintendo 3DS [2D] does become available so we switched to video, enough for everyone to enjoy.

Additionally, [Nintendo 3DS, by comparison, so you play with your child with confidence parents, “Limiting use parental controls (3 ※)” as one of, 3D incorporates a mechanism to limit the display of images We.

Set to be carried out using this feature, enter your PIN unless parents are predetermined, 3D images are not displayed, 2D has been switched to the video display system.

Children under 6 years [when] Nintendo 3DS played a “limited capability for use by parents,” We would like you to use your.

That’s right, Nintendo is recommending the age limit at age six to protect your child’s precious little eyeballs. Considering the unique way the 3DS displays images, the extra precaution may not be far-fetched. While there is currently no definitive research regarding the long-term affects that 3D technology has on our eyes, it still makes sense for Nintendo to at least cover their behinds from being sued.

Now if only the headaches would stop.