Rumor: GTX 480 will be around $450 USD

With the onslaught of panic surrounding the price of the GTX 480 it is natural to believe that the card will indeed be expensive. However, one rumor suggests that the price might actually be a bit less than what most of us anticipated. Sources suggest that the card will end up around $450 USD, but of course that can still lead to some online stores pricing it a bit higher than that.

It is quite natural that the most famous and yet delayed chip called Fermi won’t be cheap but it turns out that it won’t be that expensive either.

People have expected single GPU Geforce GTX 480 to end up at close to $600 or €600 in Europe after tax but it turns out that the amount Nvidia wants for its new high end card should be closer to €450.

Note that high demand might easily make shops push this price even further but Nvidia’s suggested retail price should end up around €450 including VAT. Higher prices will be reserved for some dual card that is supposed to come in the next few months.

Since most available Radeon 5870 cards are selling at €375 and higher, we believe that Nvidia’s price is quite OK, and some partners have told us that Nvidia might have plenty of cards to launch on the 27th.