Pre-Order The Witcher 2 at Good Old Games- Get Free Goodies

I think most of us know Good Old Games (GOG from now on) as a site that sells old games cheap and DRM free.Since GOG is owned and run by CD Projekt they are now offering a pre-order on Witcher 2. Its not just any simple pre-order either. The GOG version of Witcher 2 is 100% DRM free, comes with a majority of the collectors edition items (no Geralt head), and even a free game. Best of all its 44 dollars/pounds/euros. Here are some bullet points of information on the pre-order-

You are not charged when you pre-order, but you do get 4 bonus music tracks, 10 HD wallpapers, a photographic tour of RED Studio, and 10 avatars at the time of pre-ordering

The pre-order cannot be canceled, but if you later decide you don’t want the game or want to get it from somewhere else you can just opt not to pay GOG for it.

At the time of release GOG will send you a link that lets you buy Witcher 2 like any other game on their site.

It is in fact 100% DRM free for everyone

Due to exchange rates EU and UK customers end up pay roughly $16 and $6 more than US customers respectively. For legal reasons GOG can’t lower the price, however they will give EU and UK customers store credit equaling that amount.

This is a one time only deal, GOG isn’t going to start selling new games any time soon.

When you purchase Witcher 2 you can pick 1 of 5 free games: Beyond Divinity, Divine Divinity, Gothinc 2 Gold Edition,  Realms of Arkania 1 +2, or Realms of Arkania 3.

If you already have all of those games purchased on GOG they will have an alternative gift for you.

Free goodies with the game: PRF art book, game soundtrack, PDF guide and manual, papercraft figures, PDF maps and letters, and a “Making Of” video.

Source: Good Old Games