Nvidia Creates Anti-Intel Site

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, Nvidia has made its case against Intel personal and has set about doing everything they can to burn as many bridges as possible with them.

So we all know about the case Nvidia has against Intel alleging anti-competitive tactics, right? Well in addition to saying they’re looking forward to the case, Nvidia has set out to make this a very personal court battle. On their own website they have created a section called “The Case for Innovation”. In this section they detail all the lawsuits brought against Intel for anti-competitive products, a number of items of evidence that they believe will work against Intel,  and even links to media articles about the situation. There is one interesting page talking about CPUs, GPUs, and chipsets. That one is interesting.

I don’t want to pass judgement on either company as both have had their bad and good actions in the past, but Intel is really coming off as the bigger person here by not letting it get personal. Though I would love to see them retaliate to this and do their own Anti-Nvidia site. Be fun to see to two turn this into the equivalent of a Presidential race with both sides trying to sling mud at the other as much as possible.

Source: Nvidia