Kinect working on windows?

There is a video floating around on the web of a Kinect hooked up to a Windows PC. The video below shows a program that displays the coordinates of the Kinect and manipulates the device.

Microsoft does plan to implement some crossplatform Kinect features with Xbox Live and Windows Live. However, MS only plans to use Kinect on the Xbox 360 side of the picture, which you can see in the video below.

Why is this useful? Well perhaps custom software can be developed to speed things up for Microsoft on the PC. Currently, MS seems a bit hesitant to bring Kinect to Windows. In addition, maybe someone could actually get some games working with the device. You may recall that some individuals got the Wii remote working with games such as Crysis. Hopefully we will see some great things from this.

Wait, you thought the rabbit hole ended with some wishful thinking? Not exactly, there’s a group currently shelling out $2000 to the person(s) who can develop some open source drivers for kinect over at adafruit. The video posted above is most likely a response to this outcry for some kinect software. In addition, there are quite a few groups springing up around the web aiming to tackle this project. Things are really starting to get interesting.