Teen Boasts of Murdering Girl In World of Warcraft

You can probably guess where the media frenzy is going focus its full attention on. Two teenagers, aged 16 and 18 brutally raped and murdered an 18-year-old girl named Kimberly Proctor (pictured above). Apparently one of the teenagers felt it prudent to brag about what he and his accomplice did over World of Warcraft and even stating that:

“killing didn’t feel like I thought it would”

According to police reports, the murder was very well planned with detailed maps, code-words, and ways to dispose of the body being meticulously thought out. However, the biggest catch in the news so far was that both were players of World of Warcraft:

They were also fans of World of Warcraft, a sometimes violent online fantasy game with 12 million subscribers around the world. Experts believe it perpetuated the violence against the 18-year-old girl and provided key information to police.

The two are now undergoing psychiatric treatments whilst awaiting a judge’s decision on whether or not they should be tried as adults.

The Escapist