Dead Rising 2 Review

How many ways can you kill a zombie? Need some help? Don’t worry, Dead Rising 2 will add a few more ideas to your personal collection. Capcom, the creators of the Resident Evil franchise, is no stranger to zombie games. However, in Dead Rising you have quite a bit more creativity at your disposal. So let’s use our imagination and create some sort of teddy bear robot with flames shooting out of its eye sockets that can melt into this game.

The Good

Weapon Variety: Almost everything you set your eyes on cannot only be used as a weapon, but it can be combined with other weapons to make an even more badass weapon. Capcom went all out with this game; for, there seems like there is no limit in what the player can create. The weapon variety also adds a bit of humor as well. Considering you can do things such as push and mow down zombies in a wheel chair, blind zombies with various masks, freeze them and knock them down into a bunch of pieces, and a hell of a lot more. Dead Rising 2 has a host of entertaining weapons.

Character Customization: In some areas such as facial hair and tattoos the customization is lacking a bit. However, in almost every other aspect, the game meets a lot of expectations. You can dress up as a cop, surfer, skater, James Bond, super hero, and much more.

COOP: Like Resident Evil 5, if you enjoy a great coop experience Dead Rising is no doubt the game for you. It’s a blast to hack away at zombies with a friend. Unfortunately, coop is only limited to two players. It would be so much more fun to have more players slashing away with you. Perhaps in the next game they won’t limit coop to 2 players.

Environment: It feels like the classic Dawn of Dead film except the game is in Vegas, so you get some slot machines as a bonus. Movie fanatics may want to check this franchise out as it will make you think of past film experiences.

Lots of Zombies! It’s amazing how many zombies are on the screen at one time. Capcom really makes the player feel outnumbered here! Then again, there are more zombies for us to kill right?

The Bad

Quest Timing System: Unfortunately, the whole quest system is a bit of a drawback to this game. Every quest is timed and if you don’t get there in time you simply miss the quest and you have to catch it the next time you play through the game. However, it gets even more frustrating if you are trying to catch a side mission only to realize that your main mission is about to expire. If your primary objective runs out of time you fail and you have to load the game. Unfortunately, the saving system is a bit of a pain as well.

Save the game! Yeah you better save often! If you mess up or time your quests wrong you have to start over where ever you saved last. There are no checkpoints or some sort of forgiving system in place. The player uses bathrooms to save and they aren’t too hard to find, but again it can be a pain if you aren’t going to the bathroom often.

Survivors follow me! Survivors are somewhat okay at navigating their way throw a bunch of zombies. You can make this process easier by giving your ally a weapon. Unfortunately, that’s not where the frustration ends. If your ally is not close by or they get stuck and you move into another area of the map, you will find that they are left behind and you have to go through another loading screen to get them back. Transporting survivors can be very annoying and Capcom should have refined this a bit more before the game was released.

No Mini-Map? This game definitely needs a mini-map! There will be a bunch of times where you or your teammate, during a coop session, will have to pause the game in order to look at the map and navigate your way through this timed maze of death. Fortunately, there is an arrow at the top of the screen that will help get you to any side quest or any primary objective. However, this arrow cannot be used for anything else. You cannot set your own marker for any other location. This makes the player open the map continuously in search of the safe house to rescue survivors, the bathroom to save, and other various points of interest.


Dead Rising 2 can be a lot of fun! You can dominate a massive zombie infestation with the weapon of your choosing. However, Dead Rising 2 can also be annoying at times when you are navigating your way to other locations or rescuing survivors all in a timed environment. The PC version is $40 and if you’re looking for a zombie game to remind you of a movie or a game in which you can have fun with a friend, Dead Rising 2 is the right game for you.

Dead Rising 2 Review by FacTor-X