Cammie Dunaway to Leave Nintendo

It’s only been a few years, but the smiley woman is departing the big N for other ventures. Hired by Nintendo to take over the position of VP of Sales and Marketing in 2007, Dunaway has been somewhat of a pariah in regards to the gaming industry.

To put it more bluntly, she was an absolute disaster in regards to PR. Sadly, it wasn’t the same type of attitude toward the absurdness of past events. It was more of the fact that she seemed completely clueless:

Of course she does not deserve all the blame. The gaming industry is notorious for ridiculing top level management that dare show themselves during the E3 conferences. Unfortunately for her, she had to market Nintendo’s casual games push in front of a predominantly core gaming audience, including the mighty gaming press.

So where will she be headed? Probably an industry that doesn’t grill an executive slowly over the fire.

Nintendo Life