Just Cause 2 PC Features

During an interview with V3D Square Enix Community Manager Mike Oldman talked about the PC version of Just Cause 2 and revealed some information about what we can expect.

Oldman started that the PC version of the game will have these features:

  • Enhanced DirectX10 and 10.1 render path
  • Support for 32Bit and 64Bit Windows 7 and Vista
  • Optimized for Dual and Quad Core Processors
  • Certified for Nvidia 3D Vision (Not available on console)
  • Support for Window and Full Screen modes
  • Enhanced for SLi
  • Enhanced for Crossfire
  • Enhanced for multi-screen setup (Not available on console)
  • Full Keyboard and Mouse support
  • Xbox360 Controller Support
  • Enhanced GPU Water effect for Nvidia Systems (Not available on console)
  • Enhanced Bokeh filter for Nvidia Systems (Not available on console)
  • Increased detail setting (Not available on console)
  • Soft Shadows (Not available on console)
  • Soft Particles (Not available on console)
  • Point Specular (Not available on console)
  • SSAO (Not available on console)
  • Benchmark Mode (Not available on console)
  • DLC support via Steamworks
  • Achievements via Steamworks
  • Auto patching via Steamworks
  • Ability to chat to other gamers via Steamworks while playing

He also revealed that early on the team decided that the PC version would not be a port and would in fact be developed parallel and the actual game. The studio wanted to support and reward PC gamers who have upgraded their hardware to the latest specifications. Which is why we see such things as PhysX, 3D Vision, mulitmonitor support (Eyefinity and Matrox Triple-head-to-go most likely) and support for both multi-GPU set ups.

Here are some other choice notes from the interview:

They decided not to support DX9 in order to achieve greater performance across more systems. This seems to imply that developing a game using both DX9 and DX10 render paths limits performance. This is likely due to the complexity of designing a game to us both.

The game has a very large draw distance. They had to design it like that due to the nature of a game where you can go from the ground to over 1000 feet in the air (their measurement, not mine) in seconds.

The game is threaded for multiple cores. It is not made clear if it will scale up all the way to the astonishingly 12 threaded Core i9, but they did say it is at least well threaded for quad cores.

The game will take advantage of memory configurations above 2 gigs due to them fully supporting 64 bit operating systems.

As mentioned above, the game has a full set of benchmarks and Oldman claims that the game runs well even on lower-end 8800 cards.

Oldman reiterates that the game will fully support Eyefinity (no mention of Matrox or SofTH support) and claims that the game will look amazing with it. Look forward to me posting some 5040×1050 screenshot after the demo comes out if that is the case.

On the second page Oldman goes through some of the features mentioned above. There is no DX11 support, but DX10.1 users will be able to take advantage of DX10.1 features including the AA requirement for the API.

These are the DX10 only features in the game:

  • Integer math operations
  • Constant buffers
  • Per-sample multisample access
  • Indexable pixel shader registers
  • Position register depth component
  • Texture / Sampler separation

In contradiction to what I posted above, it seems the game will use CUDA for the water, not PhysX. Not sure how that will effect the way my system is set up.

50-70% scaling across SLI and Crossfire set ups (damn!).

No G15 or flight stick support, but they may look into G15 support in a future update.

No user selectable FOV, but Oldman claims they put in correct support for widescreen monitors and aspect ratios.

Support for HUD fading, allowing the user to have a minimal HUD or even no HUD at all.

There will be DLC (as mentioned above) some will be paid and some will be free. All DLC will be delivered through Steam. It will come at the same time as console DLC.

DLC will not focus on expanding the island, but giving the player more to do and more things to play with.

Oldman promises that the team will be allowed to patch the game. The first game would have been much better were they allowed to fix it.

No mod tools (sigh).

No DRM beyond Steam and full Steam Cloud support for transferring saves and settings between computers or OS reinstalls.

Source: V3D