Apple May Announce New iPod and Apple TV September 1st

A new line of iPods, a revamped Apple TV, and possibly more? Apple is set to announce new products come this September. Most of the speculation point towards an Apple TV announcement:

Bloomberg believes that at least one of the items revealed at the event will be a $99 Apple TV and 99 cent, 48-hour rentals via iTunes. The new campaign would be geared at reviving the 3-year-old product that’s perhaps the only laggard in Apple’s successful stable. And it would also try to fend off Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming video services.

Additionally, Apple may release their 4th gen iPod touch. Hopefully, this will come with a built in camera, and the improved hardware specifications including the 960×640 pixel display. We may also see refreshes to the iPod Nano, Shuffle, and Classic products as well.

Apple’s pride and joy the Macbook Air could also see an update at this upcoming event. So, there is a wide variability in possible announcements coming from Apple. What do you think Apple will announce? The next iPod, an Apple TV announcement, updates to the Macbook Air, or all three?