BFG was Set to Release ATI GPUs

What was going on before BFG closed down? A Chinese company working with BFG wanted to get a piece of the ATI pie. However, by the time they opted to join in on the fun, it was too late.

BFG would have little to do with the business other than producing the specifications of the cards and marketing the final products. Several models of the cards were designed, components were bought, and cards started to be manufactured.

This company that made ATI BFG products wondered why the heck didn’t ATI accept them into their program. Well, back in the states the actual BFG that we all knew and loved was out of the GPU market and it was no longer a recognized brand in the GPU market. So, what you have is a company with a bunch of GPU prototypes based on the 5 series.

The company attempted on many occasions while working with BFG to speak with the executives about why AMD does not recognize BFG as a partner, but were ignored. Only a few weeks after the company began ongoing attempts to get a clarification as to why this was a situation, they discovered that the entire graphics marketing and product management staff at BFG was let go. Full-fledged panic mode was entered in at the manufacturer, and never a word was heard again from the executives at BFG. The company was stuck with a full order of three different SKUs, built to BFG specification, in the process of being boxed in BFG material, and with no recourse for actually getting money out of BFG.

However, all isn’t lost for this company.

This October at the China Sourcing Fair, it is expected that this company will show off the final packaging and products that it had done for BFG. They will use this as proof that they can be a viable turn-key add-in board partner that can produce, package, and ship finished AMD (or NVIDIA) products. Perhaps more importantly, they can show that they can do this in a very timely and efficient manner.