Crysis 2 at Gamescom 2010

Crytek is gearing up for some Gamescom action. Let’s see what in store for us. Over at, Crytek has posted a picture of their Gamescom booth, which you can see above. However, the information does not stop there. We can also expect to see some multiplayer footage at Gamescom for the first time.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli and Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo (as well as plenty of other Crytek staff) will be in attendance and while it might be difficult to spot them in the massive crowds you won’t be able to miss our massive booth. Within it we’ll have a theater showcasing Crysis 2’s awesome 3D technology and 36 stations running non-stop multiplayer matches throughout the event on both Xbox 360s and PCs. You’ll be able to battle it out on two game modes (Team Instant Action and Crash Site) and two maps (Rooftop Gardens and Impact). For the rest of the details you’ll just have to wait until Gamescom officially kicks off!

In addition, we have a few mp screens before the convention starts below.