The Expendables Review

Let’s throw in a bunch of legendary action heroes into a movie and see what happens! Sylvester Stallone presents action fans with The Expendables, which is a group of mercenary action heroes. Let’s dodge a few bullets and explode into this movie to see if it is expendable or not.


Action, action, and more action: If you’re looking for an over the top action movie, what the hell are you waiting for? The Expendables has a mix of martial arts combat, which specifically involves Jason Statham and Jet Li, and awesome firefights.

Terry Crews’ shotgun: There is one scene where he literally mows down a horde of tangos. If that isn’t enough, you will also see him use this beast of a weapon to explode a few lookout towers with some special bullets.

Jason Statham: He really shines in this movie with his usual bad ass attitude. He brings his A game to the table and the action scenes do not disappoint.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis: Their cameos were awesome! It also ended with a funny one liner that had everyone in the audience chuckling.

One liners: There are a few epic one liners in this movie. For example, after Terry Crews finishes his epic shotgun attack he says, “Remember this for Christmas!”

Sylvester Stallone pushes himself: You have to give the man credit. He is getting old, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He is in great shape and he bites the bullet to deliver a stunning action performance. In fact his fight scene with Stone Cold Steve Austin resulted in a hairline fracture and Stallone had to get a metal plate in his neck.


There’s a Plot? Alright, so the plot wasn’t that bad, but it did remind me of the new Rambo movie that was released. Basically, the mercenaries go in and save the day for moral reasons and a pat on the back. I wish they added a bit more development in this area to give Stallone’s mercenaries more incentive to wage war with a huge military force. Fortunately, most individuals who go to this movie are probably expecting something like Rambo anyway.

More Arnold and Bruce: I was hoping that I would see more of the two as the movie went on, but that just never happened. What you saw in the trailer was pretty much it.

Dolph Lundgren’s Role can be annoying: They played him off as some greedy delinquent who doesn’t know where to place his loyalty. I have to admit as a Rocky fan, it was cool to see Stallone and Dolph Lundgren in the same movie as it reminded me of Rocky IV, but Lundgren’s part in the movie could have used some work as it was poorly implemented.


You’re in for one hell of an action movie. An epic cast comes together to create some stunning fight scenes that will make your jaw drop. However, don’t expect some sort of award winning story that will make you think. The plot is pretty basic. Overall, this film lives up to expectations and most of the actors fit their role perfectly. If you’re a diehard action fan go check this one out now!

The Expendables Review by FacTor-X