id Tech 5 Locked In Exclusively For Bethesda Games

In an announcement by Todd Hollenshead, id’s fabled engine will not become middleware. The news was revealed at the annual Quakecon earlier today:

“It’s going to be used within ZeniMax, so we’re not going to license it to external parties …. It’s like, look, this is a competitive advantage and we want to keep it within games we publish – not necessarily exclusively to id or id titles, but if you’re going to make a game with id Tech 5 then it needs to be published by Bethesda, which I think is a fair thing.”

Should a third-party choose to have their game published by Bethesda however, id will give them full support. This is a far cry from the strategy implemented in the past with id Tech 3 being used in many old blockbuster titles regardless of the publisher such as Medal of Honor, Quake III, and Call of Duty.