Bulletstorm Devs talk about Console RAM Limitations

A while back Crytek argued that Crysis could not be done on consoles because of RAM limitations. However, the once PC centric developers rose up to the challenge and managed to overcome the hardware limitations that they faced. In a similar fashion the once PC centric developers People Can Fly (PCF), which are the developers behind the PAINKILLER series, also complained about console RAM limitations. Fortunately, they also have managed to overcome any obstacles they have faced when dealing with console hardware limitations. Here is what the Adrian Chmielarz over at PCF had to say.

That’s the funniest thing. It’s not the console power that we’re fighting the most – it’s the memory. And it doesn’t matter if it’s PS3 or 360. It’s that we have so much content, we’re struggling to just fit it all in – like half a Gig of memory. And then you minus the operating system and everything else and suddenly you’re left with: ‘What? One texture? What are you talking about?

Additionally, Chmielarz brags about how the console version looks like the PC version. He even states that he can’t tell the different between the game running on consoles and the PC platform.

Every day I see people playing on console. I ask if one of our team can show me the game on console and they’re like: ‘Erm, I’m playing on PS3, dude.’ The other guys play 360 – same thing.

Source: CVG.com