Nvidia GTX 470 replacement on the way?

The GTX 460 based on the GF104 core has been praise by many reviewers, but what’s next? There are rumors going around the web about a card based on the GF104 core with 384 stream processors compared to the 336 found on the GTX 460. The current GTX 470 has 448 stream processors, but the GF104 is a different architecture that is much more efficient compared the GF100 core on the GTX 470, according to Tom’s Hardware.

Nvidia plans to launch a GF104 card with all eight cluster and 384 shaders enabled as long as it sells what’s left of the Geforce GTX 470 cards. The 470 cards are not selling that great but they are still selling, and as soon as they run out, Nvidia will simply announce the new card, let’s calling Geforce GTX 475 for now.

We are quite sure that the card will end up faster than the Geforce GTX 470 based on the GF100 Fermi chip, but at this time we don’t know any exact details.

So, this is more of a rumor at the moment, but it would be quite interesting to see some refreshes on the GF104 core.

Source: fudzilla.com