Crytek has no Problems Making a PS3 Exclusive

It seems console exclusivity doesn’t bother the once PC only developer Crytek. Perhaps this is most apparent in the upcoming title kingdoms, which is a 360 exclusive that seems to leave their loyal PC gaming audience in the dark. Not only is Crytek talking about 360 exclusives, but the CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli stated that “Sony is a partner that we would definitely love to work with. A [PS3 exclusive] is something we considered before – we talked about it a lot, but for reasons of portfolio or timing in the past it didn’t work out. But that doesn’t mean in the future it wouldn’t work.”

Crytek seems like they are slowly becoming the new Epic Games by switching to console only development. Epic was also once a PC only developer, but once the new generation of consoles hit they slowly left ther PC gaming audience behind with titles such as Gears of War, which wasn’t released on the PC until a year later. In addition, Gears of War 2 is most likely going to remain an Xbox 360 exclusive. Cevat Yerli of Crytek also had a few choice words about Microsoft and thier upcoming exclusive Kingdoms:

We have been talking with Microsoft for five or six years now about working together – and for some time I have said that I don’t want to work [exclusively with a] first-party. The time came around where we said maybe this IP, Kingdoms, could be very strong for a first-party platform. We asked Microsoft and they said ‘yes, that would be fantastic’.

So, apparently Microsoft is still all about the Xbox 360 when it comes to gamng and they still do not care much about supporting PC gaming on their own operating system. There were hints at some secret RTS project, but whether that’s actually something that will stir up the PC gaming crowd is questionable. Furthermore, is this the end of Crytek’s well known graphic power house reputation? Do they plan to still support PC gamers and push the high end in the future beyond Crysis 2? I guess only time will tell.