New Steam UI

Steam has finally received a UI overall. Currently, the UI is still in beta, but it is easy to participate. Read on for more details.

In the last 12 months, Steam has grown 200%. There are now 25 million users, 1000+ games, 12 billion player minutes per month, and 75 billion Steam client minutes per month. To accommodate this growth, a new Steam client has been created…

“We made hundreds of changes to the Steam client as a result of customer feedback on the interface, performance, and functionality,” said John Cook, Director of Steam Development at Valve. “For example, we swapped out the Internet Explorer rendering engine with WebKit, which gives us a bunch of size, stability and performance benefits. This release of Steam leaves us well prepared for another year of strong growth.”

If you want to participate Click Here. Remember this is a beta and it has some issues. You can visit the steam UI beta forum for user feedback and bugs currently associated with the beta UI update: Beta forums

Head on over to the source for a full list of changes.