Get Firefox on your iPhone

The well known open source developer releases an app for Firefox on the iPhone. Yep, you heard correctly, you can now get Firefox on your iPhone. However, you need a Firefox Sync account once you get the app. In addition, the whole app seems to be based on syncing with your desktop. You can’t exactly browse the web with it outside of your own bookmarks from what I experienced. It feels pretty gimped, but it’s a start I guess…

Enjoy the Awesome Bar, add-ons, one-touch bookmarking and more. Plus, with Firefox Sync, it synchronizes perfectly with your desktop Firefox – even your open tabs!

It’s important to note that Mozilla specifies that they don’t intend to extend the app any further to make it a full browser add on. This could be a vital mistake considering the opera mobile app seems to be doing pretty well.

What is Firefox Home?

Firefox Home is a free application that lets you have access to your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on your iPhone.

Does this mean Firefox will be available on the iPhone?

No. We do not have plans to ship the Firefox browser for the iPhone. Due to constraints with the OS environment and distribution, we cannot provide users Firefox for the iPhone.

The only question that scared me? How does our site look with it? It loaded fine. The site looks great when holding it straight up. However, when turned on its side there is an odd grey bar on the right. In addition, moving around and zooming is a bit too laggy. Overall, it’s nice to have more browsers on the go, but this one needs some work on the iPhone. So, basically, I don’t recommend the app to view this site at the moment.

Side note: If I held an iPhone 4 like I did with my touch in the photo I would have lost the signal!