4K Resolution Videos on Youtube

We all know about 1080 (1920 x 1080) or 720p (1280 x 720), but what about 4K resolution? Yep, that’s 4096 x 3072. You can now select this resolution, on youtube, which is labeled as “original”. Apparently, youtube is ready for the future. By the way, who actually has a 4k resolution display?

Speaking of which, even with a fast connection, home users will need the proper equipment to enjoy 4k videos in their native resolution. This means a large display, or 4k-capable projector–neither of which can be had on the cheap. It’s also worth mentioning that while quite good-looking, streaming 4k video still has to jump through some of the same compression hoops that lower resolutions of HD video must do, meaning that they’ll be playing at a much lower bit rate than you’d see, if you were to watch it from the source. On smaller videos, this can be less noticeable, but when blown up big, compression artifacts can be easier to spot.

Source: cnet.com