Ubisoft’s DRM Worse Than Originally Thought

You remember last month when I told you all about Ubisoft’s new DRM plans? Well, it seems like they lied about one specific feature. The game doesn’t pause when you lose connection, it kicks you out of the game.PC Gamer had a chance to play the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II and they found out that it isn’t reliant just on your internet connection, but Ubisoft’s as well. If that connection is interrupted at all, the player is kicked from the game. No chance to pause to wait for a reconnection, no chance to save your progress at all. While there are some of you out there with rock solid connections and might ask “so what?” let me tell you servers are not known for long-term stability. Servers die far more often than most people would like to admit. While this isn’t usually a problem as many companies smartly have backup servers to handle the strain when one server crashes, we have seen countless times that game companies are NOT smart with servers. From 2007’s Bioshock being unplayable for days after release due to server crashes all the way up to any big Steam release which completely kills their servers or the constant crashing of WoW servers. Then add in the fact that a large number of broadband services in the US don’t have 100% stable connections. I know I sure don’t. I’m lucky the lines in this old apartment building even support my 20meg service with only minor problems.

So I’m going to take a stand on this issue. I will NOT buy a single Ubisoft title on any platform until they get rid of this crap. AC2 and Conviction looked interesting, but no way am I putting up with this level of DRM. It almost makes Starforce look acceptable…..Almost.