Trine Review

How well does this new take on side scrollers fair? Trine is a side scroller that allows you to change between three different characters: a thief, a wizard, and a knight. The sacred artifact, the Trine, binds them together. The game boasts some nice effects and graphics, which include Nvidia’s Phsyx technology. So, let’s take a look at some of the game’s attributes.


Story: The somewhat comedic walkthrough of each character and atmosphere works great in this game. Each character has his or her own back story and is very fitting.

Physics: The game’s mechanics are great. The physics work exactly as you would expect. Objects fall, break, and are manipulated quite satisfyingly. The Wizard definitely make good use of the physics more so than the other characters, and it is very fun to toy around with.

Gameplay: Switching to each character at the appropriate times is a neat little feature. However, each obstacle doesn’t necessarily always require one character or the other. This make for a great balance between someone who likes to build a bunch of boxes with the wizard or someone who just want to swing wildly with the Thief. But, some obstacles do require the use of the Wizard , Thief, or Knight which are cleverly balanced.

Difficulty: It was just right. I was playing on normal and it was still a challenge. Other difficulties are suited for a second go around or for those who want to punish themselves right from the start. The main differences associated with difficulty levels are the amount of damage taken from enemies and the checkpoint health gained.

Graphics: The graphics are nice and polished. You definitely will appreciate some of the eye candy and effects for they are well placed. With everything cranked up at 1920x1200with 2x AA and 8XAF on my 9800GX2 and q6600 @ 3.6GHz, the game looked great.


Boss: I was expecting a huge fight, but instead I was meet with a run and jump climbing level. While it was challenging, the duration of the level caught me by surprise.

Duration: It could have been a bit longer, but it was fun while it lasted. I never really got to max all of the three skills out for each character, but I came close on my first run. I would say the game has about 3-5 hours of gameplay depending on if you are an over compulsive experience grabber, or if you are just in a hurry to finish the game.


Trine is well worth the money. At $19.99 the game is well worth the price. And, there are various deals going on right now where you can get it even cheaper. It is a fun and challenging puzzle side scroller. The switchable characters, graphics, story, and gameplay all combine to form a great gaming experience. Trine will keep you satisfied and wanting more. Now we just have to wait for Trine 2’s release.

Trine Review by XMACHINE9000